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  1. Прета Студио
    2023-02-06 @ 7:14

    За пореден път-безупречен монтаж от група 1. Благодаря ви Иван и Галин!

  2. Nelly
    2021-07-07 @ 16:22

    It turned out great! Thank you for the correct and perfect service 🙂

  3. Dr. Tatyana Karagenska
    2021-07-02 @ 14:24

    I thank the whole Stone Center team for the professionalism and warm attitude! The design of our clinic is unique thanks to you, too!

    Regards, Dr. Karagenska

  4. Vanya I.
    2021-04-14 @ 18:10

    The tables are soooo beautiful!

    You have me as a client forever I am really happy!

  5. Nadya M.
    2021-04-14 @ 18:09

    I want to thank you again for the accuracy and professionalism that the team that came to prefuge our sink showed. The boys deserve praise, not only because the sink is no longer running, but they were in a great mood (albeit after 5 p.m.).

    I wish you to continue to work – accurately, correctly and professionally! You will go far. I have praised you to my acquaintances, and they are not few!

    I am glad that there is such a company in Bulgaria.

  6. Angel T.
    2021-04-14 @ 18:08

    After the successful installation of the stone yesterday, I would like to congratulate you on your professional attitude and well done work. I want to especially thank Cyril, Daniel and Hristo. I say this from the perspective of a person who is just finishing a major renovation of a large apartment. During the renovation I had the opportunity to work with over 10 different teams. Your boys are perfect. Despite the unexpected problem situations, they were perfect. I was most impressed by their sincere desire for things to become as if they were making their own apartment.

    I will definitely not hesitate to recommend you to relatives and friends.

    Please keep this professionalism and dedication, there are not many companies like yours.

  7. Petko Atanassov
    2021-04-14 @ 18:07

    I want to thank you for being a correct company and for the quality service you offer.

    I am extremely pleased with the work of your sales consultants and technicians, as well as with the overall work with you.

  8. Veneta P.
    2021-04-14 @ 18:05

    One of the few Bulgarian companies with a European attitude towards customers and quality! Great attention to detail and always an excellent result! I am very grateful for the perfect kitchen countertop, despite the mistakes of the builder and the challenges of the available space. I am recommending you to all my acquaintances and friends!

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