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About Laminam

Shaping tomorrow’s world

Surfaces inspired by nature, which go beyond nature. Laminam produces ceramic slabs that challenge this material’s traditional uses, creating large-sized minimum thickness surfaces used in exterior architecture, interior design and furnishings.

The aim is to redefine and ply spaces so that they become an expression of our personality and give rise to places to live and work and feel at ease with ourselves and with others.

From the onset, we revolutionized the ceramic world thanks to a pioneering vision and to the introduction of ever more innovative products in terms of thicknesses and sizes. What’s more, IN-SIDE technology has enabled us to take a leap forward, achieving for the first time ever body and surface continuity. The end result is a product that accompanies elegance with structure and beauty.

The ceramic specialists

We work with ancient material, ceramic, which we have reinterpreted by creating our surfaces, combining its natural qualities with a new application connotation. This is a constantly evolving process, which allows us to study ever new application possibilities in international architecture and in state-of-the-art contexts, through to increasingly precious and sophisticated furnishing finishes.

From tradition to production, we have deployed innovation not just in terms of technology, but also aesthetic styling, constantly raising the market standards with our surfaces, without ever forgetting our focus on sustainability and safety.


All the creativity of Laminam portrayed in more than 130 textures. The excellence of our ceramic surfaces, in all the various sizes available, multiple chromatic versions, and precious surface finishes. Each assortment has its own specific philosophy and source of inspiration: the majestic nature of mountains, the nuances of metals, the patterns of fabrics. Architectural surfaces capable of accommodating all creative requirements, to offer a range of uses and applications that never ceases to expand. All the series have a shared leitmotiv, in other words natural inspiration and a common characteristic: the pursuit of uniqueness, which is possible thanks to the versatility of our surfaces and their strong aesthetic connotation.


  • Everything starts with what the earth provides us with: sand, clay, feldspars. We add experience and our unique know-how, the result of years of research, leading to the ongoing improvements to the range of products available. An unwavering focus on uniqueness, in our ambition to be the joining link between an impeccably crafted product and its production in an industrial yet sustainable manner.

    The backbone of our approach consists in being ready to allow nature to inspire us, as it provides us with all the stimuli and raw materials, which we combine with the most sophisticated technological breakthroughs. In every research and development project, resources are deployed to test products and solutions which fully comply with the company’s objectives: excellent quality, superior performance levels and sustainable manufacturing processes. As a result, not all the research and development projects are successfully concluded and only part of them make it to market. Excellence permits no flaws and Laminam is synonymous with excellence.

AMBIENCE bioactive treatments

Ambience, from inspiration to purity

When eco-design meets science, the result is Laminam, large ceramic surfaces which revolutionise the concept of living.

In addition to its vitrified surfaces’ inherent characteristics – resistant to various kinds of common, everyday stains (such as coffee, wine, lemon juice, oil, make-up) and bacteriostatic (inhibiting the growth of microbes and bacteria) – Laminam has developed Ambience, a range of optional treatments aimed at raising levels of hygiene and cleanliness even further.

Following years of research and experimentation, Laminam has identified titanium dioxide as an active ingredient which acts as a photocatalytic substance when combined with secondary particles. This means that when a Laminam slab treated with Ambience is exposed to sunlight in an external setting – or to artificial lighting indoors – it activates a natural process which works in a similar way to chlorophyll photosynthesis. The Ambience treatment allows Laminam slabs to absorb and transform pollutants present in the air and water (VOC, NOx, SOx) into harmless elements.

Safety and protection

Laminam surfaces treated with Ambience integrate with their setting in total symbiosis, working as natural elements able to interact chemically and biologically, reducing bacterial load and any pollutants and impurities which are deposited on them.

The advantages of Ambience:

  • Safe and natural
  • Purifies the air
  • Helps remove organic dirt
  • Cost-effective
  • Neutralises bacteria
  • Fights unpleasant odours
  • Certified


Laminam Ambience External

External surfaces

Thanks to the external Ambience treatment and the combination of properties of the chemical elements on which it is based, Laminam slabs used for vertical wall cladding or facades provide benefits to the surrounding environment, promoting three crucial actions for better quality of life: air purification, self-cleaning surfaces, and antibacterial action.

Laminam Ambience Air Purification 01

Air purification

External Ambience treatments are based on titanium dioxide’s (TiO2) natural photocatalytic properties, which are activated on contact with light. The reaction with sunlight releases active oxygen (O2) which oxidises and breaks down pollutants, transforming them into substances which are harmless to the environment, such as water and soluble salts. The advantage is the elimination of harmful volatile organic substances (VOC, NOx, SOx).*

Laminam Ambience Self Cleaning Action 01

Self-cleaning action**

Active oxygen and an increase in surface hydrophilia, both resulting from the combined action of sunlight and titanium dioxide, the natural ingredient on which Laminam bases its Ambience treatments, are able to break down a number of organic substances***. This process disperses impurities from Laminam surfaces, reducing them to substances which can then simply be washed away by the rain. As the surfaces remain cleaner for longer, this reduces the frequency of maintenance work which in turn keeps costs down.

Laminam Ambience Antibacterial Action

Antibacterial action

On surfaces treated with Ambience, natural photocatalysis sets off a process of oxidisation, which aids the neutralisation of bacteria and inhibits the growth of mould and mildew. More specifically, the oxidants generated can pass through the bacterial membrane and halt the mechanism of DNA replication. At the end of this process, harmful organic substances are transformed into harmless molecules such as water and soluble salts.

*It is NOT able to break down particulates (PM10).

**It is NOT able to completely remove stubborn stains which adhere to surfaces quickly and solidly (e.g. cement and silicon sealants, paint, rust and efflorescence).

***Ambience treatments help to remove the layer of organic dirt that may develop on Laminam surfaces due to pollution (e.g. VOC, hydrocarbons from smog, general organic compounds).

Eco Raw Materials

From nature to nature

We are a green company, which is why 94% of the materials we use is naturally sourced. The remaining 6% consists of Glass, enamels and pigments (approx. 4% of the total) and only minimal quantities of adhesives and fibres, for a total of around 2%.

Every Laminam surface, depending on the type, contains between 20 and 40% of pre-consumer recycled material. Moreover, their natural composition means they can easily be ground and recycled in other production cycles.


Architectural surfaces which define a new canon of beauty. Stemming from nature, refined and perfected by the research conducted by Laminam on the individual raw materials. Ancient materials are implemented, famous among the art and engineering worlds for centuries, yet which we have projected towards the future, without ever tiring of innovating formulas and technological processes.

The main materials used to make our surfaces are clays, feldspars and silicon. They are all carefully selected, and all have a certified origin. The first task is to guarantee an even composition that is free of impurities.


Pureness, perfect technical characteristics, homogeneity. It is not easy to become a raw material for Laminam surfaces. Then, the process for choosing those most suitable for use in our production lines can take up to more than a year. This is because intuition comes first, the idea of a surface which generates an entire series.

Straight afterwards begins a long process, made up of passion and patience, of trials and tests, to identify the most suitable materials to obtain a specific effect or a given texture. The secret lies in succeeding in making a craft-based product on an industrial scale and making it retain not only the distinguishing feature of Laminam surfaces, but also all those excellent technical characteristics found in our entire product range. Laminam offers surfaces in a variety of thickness versions, so the wager we are called upon to win every day is to guarantee the same surface characteristics for all product thicknesses.


Nature and innovation

Our raw materials are almost entirely naturally sourced and they are studied by our research and development team to find ever better-performing usage methods.

Ongoing research

We are always in search of richer natural products, which can embellish our surfaces, making them unique and distinctive. Our database contains more than 1,000 samples from all over the world, but only a minimal part is taken into consideration to produce our surfaces.

Guaranteed resistance

Before they are used, the raw materials selected by Laminam undergo several laboratory tests which certify not only their styling appeal, but also ensures their technical characteristics are compatible with the entire Laminam range.


  • Hydrotect LogoThe concept of bioactive ceramics originated in the 1960s in Japan, where a series of experiments on oxides were carried out in the laboratories of the University of Tokyo in an attempt to achieve a chemical reaction through light. The experiments led to the first photocatalytic effect. In 1967 Researchers Akira Fujishima and Kenichi Honda discovered the active cleaning effect of titanium dioxide (TiO2) when subjected to photocatalysis. They studied the phenomenon known today as the Honda-Fujishima Effect and published the results of their study in the article “Evaluation of the effect of a photocatalyst (TiO2)”, published in the journal Nature in 1972. In the present case, the reaction resulting from the immersion of titanium dioxide in its crystalline form and a fragment of platinum in water and, after exposure to light, results in the formation of gas bubbles. Thus, only with the presence of light and without any electricity, water decomposes into oxygen and hydrogen. The high oxidation capacity of TiO2 is known to be able to destroy many organic compounds. Based on this, in the mid-1990s, a team of engineers from the Japanese leader Toto developed and patented the passive cleaning action of Photocatalysis: Hydrotect. The combination of the degrading action of titanium dioxide and the advantages of the super-waterproof surface, which under the influence of ultraviolet rays is able to reduce the angle of contact with water, paves the way for a new generation of self-cleaning surfaces.

Product characteristics

Laminam Icon Cleaning

Easy to clean and maintain

Laminam is simple, fast and easy to clean. Laminam has no special maintenance requirements as time goes by; generally speaking, all you need to clean the surface is warm water and a neutral detergent.

Laminam Icon Hygienic

Hygienic surface

Laminam surfaces are ideal for application in places where maximum hygiene is needed.

Laminam Icon Foodstuffs

Suitable for contact with foodstuffs

Laboratory tests have proven that Laminam is totally compatible with foodstuffs.

Laminam Icon Mould And Fungi

Resistant to mould and fungi

Laminam does not allow mould, bacteria or fungi to grow.

Laminam Icon Impervious Surface

Impervious surface

Laminam surface porosity is average 0,1%.

Laminam Icon Freeze Thaw

Resistant to freeze-thaw

Laminam is frost resistant and suitable for any weather condition, thanks to its low average water absorption (0,1%).

Laminam Icon Dimensional Stability

Dimensional stability

Laminam is not subject to dimensional variations of any significance, as it has a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Laminam Icon Indoor And Outdoor

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

Laminam can be used both for interior and exterior décor. Weathering exposure does not damage or alter surfaces.

Laminam Icon Heat

Resistant to heat and high temperatures

The ceramic surface does not contain any organic materials and so its surface is not altered in case of direct contact with very hot items in the kitchen, like pots and pans, and high temperatures, without any alterations.

Laminam Icon Staining

Resistant to staining**

Laminam is not affected by prolonged contact with products commonly found in the kitchen that can cause staining, such as wine, coffee, olive oil or lemon juice, and its colour or shine will not be affected permanently

Laminam Icon Detergents

Resistant to detergents and cleaning products**

Laminam is not affected by prolonged contact with normal household detergents, including products to eliminate grease or lime scale. It is extremely easy to clean while maintaining unaltered the characteristics of the surface.

Laminam Icon Chamicals

Resistant to chamicals, acids, alkalis and solvents**

Laminam is not affected by organic and inorganic solvents, chemical and disinfectants. The only chemical that can damage ceramics is hydrofluoric acid.

Laminam Icon Thermal Shock

Resistant to thermal shock

Laminam slabs are resistant to thermal shock in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Laminam Icon Humidity

Resistant to humidity

The ceramic surface of Laminam is not affected by long-term humidity exposure.

Laminam Icon UV Rays

Resistant to UV rays, no alteration to colours

Laminam surface is not affected by exposure to UV light and will preserve its original good looks throughout its lifetime.

Laminam Icon Deflection

Resistant to deflection

Laminam has a high modulus of rupture.

Laminam Icon Scratches

Resistant to scratches and abrasions**

Laminam is resistant to scratching and deep abrasion. Its properties do not change even if it is subjected to intensive use and frequent cleaning.

Laminam Icon UV Rays

Eco-friendly and recyclable

Laminam is a product made of 100% natural materials. It does not release any elements into the environment and can be easily milled and recycled in other manufacturing processes.

Laminam Icon Graffiti Proof

Graffiti proof

Laminam is the first graffiti-proof ceramic surface; it is easy to clean and even the strongest paints can be easily removed.


External Facades

Buildings, skyscrapers, residential buildings, entire architectural complexes which change their appearance thanks to surfaces which define new aesthetic canons. Slabs which, with their light weight, but at the same time with their significant aesthetic component, appear to challenge the force of gravity, to create highly elegant and striking effects, every time. However, at Laminam, beauty always goes hand in hand with technical excellence, which is why we provide our customers with a range of services to support them in every process, entirely in keeping with their stylistic features and to achieve their design objectives.

Cladding & Flooring

Buildings where the aesthetic component has taken on an increasingly important role. Architectural complexes which need to comply with a changing world and that require greater environmental sustainability. The versatility of our surfaces is a precious tool for architects and designers, who can choose among a host of different colours, combinations of various finishes, ductility in the installation choices, to achieve beauty and excellence in the end result.

Furnishing & Design

Owing to the collaboration with Industries from the furniture sector, architects and designers, Laminam slabs have become genuine furnishing surfaces. A versatility that represents without a doubt one of the most interesting frontiers for their use. For this reason, we created a team of engineers who are ready to provide the necessary consulting to support all the players of the interior design supply chain.