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MyTop combines a selection of large 12 and 20 mm thick slabs that revolutionize the concept of ceramic slabs by taking them into new spatial and design dimensions. With innovative technologies we transformed and rediscovered the vision and technical characteristics of conventional porcelain ceramics and transferred them to large-scale designs. As a result, the beauty of textures and finishes is expanding to allow consumers to explore future scenarios for a modern lifestyle.

The advanced natural finish is the main thread connecting all the series in the Fondovalle MyTop collection, which is inspired by materials such as marble, cement, resin and metal. The most desired textures, created through a combination of craftsmanship and unique technology, provide the basis for a new, great fashion in ceramic slabs, while maintaining its purity, practicality and endless charm.


  • 12 mm
    163 x 324 cm

    20 mm
    163 x 324 cm

    MyTop introduces innovative technology in the ceramic industry that will change the face of the cladding, expanding its potential for expression, with new applications and applications for use in the world of bathrooms, kitchens and interior design in general. A unique and ideal solution for worktops that not only have to be stylish, but also offer high technical performance.


Slabs installation

Slab processing

Slabs manipulation on the workplace

Slab manipulation in the warehouse