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About Çimstone

Çimstone was established in Izmir in 1996 as a subsidiary of the AKG Group, which is a manufacturer of modern and reliable materials in the construction sector. Manufactured using the Italian “breton” technology, Çimstone is a durable and strong surface material with exceptional properties, suitable for various areas of application from countertops to floors and facades.

By introducing composite stone technology to Turkey and creating an alternative market for natural stones, Çimstone offers alternative solutions for claddings with its products in multiple colors and textures, different from traditional variants of natural stones.

Esteemed among the world’s leading manufacturers of composite stone, Çimstone has a TS EN ISO 9001: 2008 quality management certificate. Çimstone, which is certified for its hygienic composition with the LGA Hygiene Report and NSF certified and which manufactures in accordance with Turkish standards, offers solutions that best meet the changing consumer requirements and expectations of the sector through the quality of its production, a wide range from products and consumer-oriented sales systems.




The product

  • It consists of 93% natural quartz, one of the hardest minerals on Earth. Extremely durable and easier to maintain than any other natural stone, Cimstone® is designed in a way that ensures its brilliant appearance over the years.

    Why exactly quartz?

    It is one of the hardest minerals on earth, surpassed only by precious stones such as topaz, sapphire and diamond. Our colors are inspired by the raw beauty of remarkable regions around the world, offering a color palette from soft and invigorating tones to passionate and saturated shades. The transparency of natural quartz gives a beauty that cannot be achieved by other production methods or techniques.

Quality guarantee


As the only quartz-based composite stone producer in Turkey with its production base and headquarters in Izmir since 1996, Çimstone continues to work with regional offices based in Istanbul, Ankara and Northampton, England, as well as a partner network scattered all over the country and located on 4 continents. With its sustainable development plan, today Çimstone has become an indispensable flooring material for many projects of large chain stores and corporations such as Teknosa, Avea, The Body Shop, Claries, Debenhams, Gap Stores, Ýsbank and TEB. After entering the modular kitchen market in early 2005, Çimstone has proven itself in this sector with its $15 million investment for its second production facility.

Following another increase in the capacity of its 305 × 140 cm tile production line at the end of 2008, Çimstone is now creating a high-profile image for kitchens, bathrooms and countertops, combining them with customer-oriented services.


“Quality” at Çimstone means absolute customer satisfaction with products, prices, services and deliveries through the use of quality and environmentally friendly management systems. The attention paid to the quality of the products starts with the selection of raw materials and continues at all stages until delivery to the end customer. At Çimstone, which is accredited by DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Certificate, all products and production processes are subject to the principle of continuous improvement. From the thorough inspection of raw materials to the final quality control before shipment, strict professional inspection and control methods are in place at every stage. Today, Çimstone is fully focused on improving the quality of products and services and at the same time increases its commitment to research and development to develop new products and processes by investing in systematic research.

Çimstone’s R&D laboratory strives to find the most appropriate solutions for developing distinctive products, meeting changing consumer needs and for industrial innovation.

The Çimstone production process meets the quality standards approved by TSE, UNI, ASTM, EN. Çimstone also has an LGA certificate of hygienic properties, provided by the most prestigious Analysis and Safety Center LGA GmbH, and has received NSF certification.

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