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OKITE® for your project

OKITE® is a special product on the market. It is made of a large percentage (up to 93%) of quartz, one of the strongest materials in nature, with the addition of natural pigments and polyester resin. For this reason, OKITE® is often defined as a surface consisting of quartz resin. OKITE® is a slab market. Their typical size is 306 x 140 (nominal value), while its thickness varies: 1.3, 1.5, 2.0 to 3.

What are the properties of OKITE®?

OKITE® is above all a very strong surface (5 times stronger than marble or granite). It is easy to clean. Its surface is non-porous, so it does not require special maintenance. OKITE® is resistant to scratches, stains, and heat, and is non-flammable: properties that confirm its versatile applications. It does not absorb any liquids or food: coffee, lemon juice, oil, vinegar, thus preventing the formation of harmful bacteria.

Certified as a safe product, OKITE® does not require any additional chemical protection and is the ideal choice for the kitchen, even for surfaces used for cooking. In addition, its aesthetic characteristics and properties make OKITE® the perfect solution for all environments, allowing you to fully express your creative ideas.


The product

  • Choose from the many solutions offered by the OKITE® range to personalize your interior.


  • OKITE® is certified by leading international certification bodies and institutes as a safe and healthy product, ideal for use in schools and hospitals.
  • Health certificate: According to NSF, OKITE® is a safe and healthy product that can be installed and used in areas designed for cooking, both at home and in cafes or restaurants. Its non-porous surface is actually resistant to stains and prevents the absorption of residual moisture and food, which can lead to the formation of harmful bacteria;
  • Safe use of OKITE® in schools and indoors: The GREENGUARD Institute for the Environment has approved the use of OKITE® indoors and in schools. The product does not contain or emit hazardous volatile organic compounds according to the strict standards established by the GEI;
  • Full compliance with EU standards of good manufacturing practice: SEIEFFE voluntarily and regularly checks the compliance of the workforce, training, raw materials, packaging and production processes. The reference standards are the good manufacturing practices established by Regulation 2023/2006 of the European Commission.